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Activforce - Activforce 2 Digital Muscle Tester Dynamometer


Harness the Power of Innovation
The Activforce 2 is an advanced, patented digital strength and angle measurement platform that offers an innovative, portable solution that provides real-time, objective and quantifiable data- helping to lower costs while increase client retention and drive better client outcomes.

An Affordable and Accurate Solution
At a fraction of the cost of most dynamometers, the portable Activforce 2 is powered by advanced technology that delivers highly accurate strength and angle measurement, enabling more effective treatment through quantified data.

Increase Revenue and Retention
A recent study showed that the use of Activforce 2 can help physiotherapists significantly increase average visits per client, improve patient retention and decrease cancellation rates by better engaging clients in the progress of their rehab program.

Drive Better Outcomes
Combining the functionality of a digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one, Activforce 2 delivers a comprehensive data summary right to your email inbox, making it easier to track, create and measure therapeutic regimens.

Improve Patient Compliance
One of the biggest impediments to a successful treatment plan is client abandonment before completion of a prescribed course of care. Activforce 2 can help improve client compliance by showing the client quantifiable progress throughout the recovery program.

Increase Operational Efficiency
The all-new Activforce 2 has been engineered from the ground-up to help physiotherapists and medical professionals improve operational efficiency thanks to it’s accuracy, portability and ease-of-use.

Powerful Technology in a Portable Package

- Belt
- Cylindrical Shell Attachment Accessory
- Activforce Measurement Device

  • Designed to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Measures up to 90 kgs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Activforce App for versions of iOS 11.4 and Android 8 or higher.
  • Long-lasting battery life powered by AAA battery that lasts between 6-12 months depending upon usage
The Activforce platform allows clinicians to:

  • Left/right symmetry
  • Peak force
  • Average force
  • Force Range
  • Individual muscle groups and movements
  • Range of Motion – AROM, PROM
  • Strength of specific muscle groups
  • Progress
  • Performance over time
  • Results in real time
  • Use of customizable muscle testing protocols
  • Summary patient reports in your email inbox

  • Designed to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Measures up to 90 kgs
  • Bluetooth connectivity to Activforce App


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