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Champro - Running Spikes - Cone 9Mm



  • Conical Running Spike - Standard
  • Packets of 12
  • Size: 9mm





Keep a pack of these Running Spikes in your training bag so you're always prepared. Also known as Pyramid or Echidna running spikes. Conical spikes are the most commonly used spike & comes in 4 different lengths. Can be used on synthetic indoor & outdoor tracks.

Always check the guidelines for your track/race before purchasing spikes as different venues allow different spikes, so always check before hitting the track what spikes are allowed.

You may also wish to consider our blanks, blunts, and 7mm christmas tree Champro running spikes.


  • Conical Running Spike
  • Also known as pyramid or echidna running spikes
  • Different sizes suit different events and different track types
  • Atheletes should always check with the venue what spikes and at what sizes are allowed. 
  • Works well with the Champro Spike Key.
  • Packets of 12
  • Sizes Available:
    • 5mm
    • 7mm
    • 9mm
    • 12mm
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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