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Didgeridoonas - Dunny Roll Holder


Poop in the rain with no problems. This handy, portable toilet paper dispenser made from waterproof Australian oilskin will keep your toilet paper (and your bum) dry and protected from dirt.

Dunny Roll Holder

As the wind howls and the rain torrents, something is going to get wet. But you can protect one of life’s essentials with the Dunny Roll Holder.

Here in Melbourne, the Bureau of Meteorology doesn’t even know what the weather is going to do. But, no matter where you are, you can be prepared with this handy raincoat for your toilet paper.

The water repellent oilskin will keep your toilet paper dry and free of dirt regardless of where you’re answering nature’s call. The Dunny Roll Holder has a strap that can be hung on a dunny doorknob, a tree branch, or even around your neck. And when you are in transit you can sling it on the outside of a bag or hiking pack.

The Holder is fastened with robust press studs and a strip of Velcro at the bottom allows the toilet paper to be dispensed while keeping water out.

It’s far better than using a leaf.


  • Australian oilskin keeps your toilet paper clean and dry.
  • Opens with Velcro at the bottom for easy access to your toilet paper.
  • Sturdy press studs ensure your Dunny Roll Holder stays closed.
  • Internal roller keeps the toilet paper in place but allows it to spin easily.
  • Webbing strap allows the Dunny Roll Holder to be attached to doorknobs, branches, backpacks, or even hung around your own neck.
  • And again, it’s better than using a leaf!

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