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Shaving Tool Box


A rugged toiletry bag perfect for a rugged man. Waterproof, both inside and out (like that man hopefully is).

Shaving Tool Box

Waterproof, both inside and out, this rugged toiletry bag is perfect for rugged men.

This spacious toiletry bag is large enough to contain all the essentials you might need from soap to shaving cream to deodorant. It is suitable for anyone who needs a toiletry bag, both rugged men and men who are less rugged.

It’s lined with waterproof nylon to protect itself against any spills that may occur in travel, and it has two internal pockets. The bag closes with a zip, and the handy adjustable strap on the top both compacts the bag for travel and doubles as a handle.


  • Tough and hardy, the Australian oilskin outer keeps the weather out and your manly essentials in.
  • Waterproof nylon inner makes it easy to keep the bag clean.
  • Large main compartment large enough to fit all the essentials.
  • Two pockets to organise your sundries.
  • Quick release strap to compact the bag. Plus, it doubles as a handle.

You may be interested to check out The Australian Dilly Bag.  Its made from the traditional pandanus palm, it’s made of oilskin and Teflon coated cotton, which makes it tough yet stylish, and water repellent both inside and out.  It’s spacious enough to fit your toiletries, makeup, tucker, or fit any other purpose for which you might need such a bag.

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