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Dirtwork - HELLBENDER 70 LITE-ASMBLY-TPR-IS41/28.6/H9|IS52/40-BLACK (BAA2171K)



Hellbender 70 Lite is a headset that packs durability, weight savings and value into one product. Equipped with 6000 series aluminum and 35 percent lighter over comparable models. The Hellbender 70 Lite is an ideal headset choice for any bike where weight savings is a priority – a lightweight headset that doesn’t lack durability or performance.

Cups & Covers
6061 T-6 Aluminum. Internally contoured and relieved to minimize weight and maximize strength.

Top Cover
Low-friction upper bearing seal completely seals cup from contaminants and is fully captured by the top cover with no loose parts.

Crown Race
Alloy Dual-Seal crown race provides excellent seal efficiency with low friction.

Compression Ring
Carbon friendly captured compression ring.

Preload Assembly
Premium lightweight preload assembly. 60% lighter than the standard preload assembly

Lightweight aluminum/w steel hybrid Hellbender LITE sealed cartridge bearing.
ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing
ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing
IS41 will take a 41mm bearing
IS42 will take a 42mm bearing
IS47/33 will take a 47mm bearing
IS52 will take a 52mm bearing.
All complete Cane Creek headset assemblies (top or bottom) will use a 36×45 degree contact angle bearing, with the exception of our IS47/33 headset assemblies. IS47/33 will use a 45×45 degree contact angle bearing.

ZeroStack (ZS) — 90g (vs 117g for standard ZS Hellbender70)
Integrated (IS) — 54g (vs 81g for standard IS Hellbender70)

Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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