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Dirtwork - HELLBENDER LITE ALLOY Bearing 1-1/8 inch (IS41) (41.0mm) (36/45) Fits Cane Creek Only (BAA2151A)


Picture for illustrative purpose - BEARING ONLY Cane Creek Headset Spare ALLOY Bearing IS 41 (41.0mm) (EACH) BAA2151A

41MM 36X45 Fits 36º races only

Long recognized as the world’s lightest headset, the new AER now offers a hybrid steel and aluminum bearing that provides even greater durability and a 40% weight savings over comparable models. Strategic machining and precision contours provide an optimal balance between weight savings and strength. Supplied as a single bearing. 36º/45º angle.. 

Lightweight aluminum/w steel hybrid Hellbender LITE sealed cartridge bearing.
ZS44 will take a 41mm bearing
ZS56 will take a 52mm bearing
IS41 will take a 41mm bearing
IS42 will take a 42mm bearing
IS47/33 will take a 47mm bearing
IS52 will take a 52mm bearing.
All complete Cane Creek headset assemblies (top or bottom) will use a 36×45 degree contact angle bearing, with the exception of our IS47/33 headset assemblies. IS47/33 will use a 45×45 degree contact angle bearing.

Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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