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Dirtwork - Hub Spare Std Endcap Set | 110x20mm Boost | Fits All LG1 Front Hubs | Black (HBS30-101)


E-Thirteen Hub Spare Endcap Set | 110x20mm Boost | Fits All LG1 Front Hubs | Black (HBS30-101)

Replacement front hub endcaps. Swapping forks, or dropped an endcap behind your workbench? We've got you covered!

Not sure what hub you have or what you need? Check this out: What endcaps do I need for my hub?

Look here for a how-to guide on how to install these.

What's in the box: Endcaps x2

In 2018 the first Boost 20mm DH Forks hit the market. Because of the differences in spacing, you cannot convert your old 110x20mm non-boost hub to a 110x20mm Boost hub by simply switching endcaps as the hub shell assembly itself is different. You can however, convert a 15x110 boost hub (with 6805 bearings) to a 20x110mm boost hub by purchasing HBS30-101 Boost 20mm endcaps.

Selecting endcaps:

Reference your DH fork manufacture to determine if you have a boost or non-boost fork.

If you have a non-boost 20mm fork, HBE.TLPA-2010.K should be purchased for use with a non-boost hub shell assembly.

If you have a boost fork HBS30-101 should be purchased for use with an LG1 boost hub shell assembly.

Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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