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Dirtwork - Hub Spare Torque Cap Endcap Set 15mm | Fits All 6805 Bearing Front Hubs | Black (HBS20-100)


E-Thirteen Hub Spare Torque Cap Endcap Set 15mm | Fits All 6805 (37mm) Bearing Front Hubs | Black (HBS20-100)

Replacement front hub endcaps. Swapping forks, or dropped an endcap behind your workbench? We've got you covered!

Not sure what hub you have or what you need? Check this out: What endcaps do I need for my hub?

Look here for a how-to guide on how to install these.

What's in the box: Endcaps x2

The endcap you require will depend on the size of the bearings in your front hub. The vast majority of front hubs e*thirteen has produced use 6805 cartridge bearings and require HBS20-103. HBS20-103 works on both boost and non-boost 15mm hubs.

e*thirteen has also produced front hubs which use 6804 cartridge bearings. The best way to identify which endcap you need is to measure the OD (Outside Diameter) of the bearing or bearing bore in the hub shell. 

Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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