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Spare Xcx Plus Cassette - 11 Speed - Aluminum Cog - 34T - Black (Fws20-107)


SPARE PART ONLY - e*thirteen | XCX Plus Cassette | 11 Speed | Aluminum Cog | 34T | Black

Restore Your Drive
With this spare part, you can replace the big sprocket of your XCX cassette and restore the unrestricted performance of your drive.

ethirteen 2-Piece Cassettes
All ethirteen cassettes come in two pieces. The lower block is steel and the upper cog (or two in the case of 12 speed) is aluminium. They are available separately so that if the parts wear out you can replace the individual components without having to buy a complete new cassette.

NOTE: this not a complete cassette, it is the single large aluminium cog of an 11 speed XCX cassette only. If you are after a complete XCX cassette, please click here


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