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Dirtwork - TOOL CPR-12 Multi-Tool (15000337002)


The Compact Pocket Rescue tool is back! The first CPR Tool was first developed in 1992 out of race necessity. While leading a World Cup XC, Thomas Frischknecht's stem slipped, causing him to stop, tighten it and lose valuable time. Tom Ritchey knew he couldn't afford to send his riders across the world to race and have them not finish due to simple mechanicals. Thus, the CPR9 was born to solve this problem. Lightweight and reliable, the CPR tool was the first multi-tool designed to aid a rider in need while out riding or racing. Now the CPR12+ weighs in at just 96 grams and this investment cast CPR tool packs over 12 individual tools into one small easy to stash utensil.

  • Compact 2x3” (5x7,5cm) design features a chain breaker, 14g spoke wrench, tire lever, Phillips screwdriver, Allen keys 2-3-4-5-6-8mm, Torx T20-T25. 
  • Resilient investment cast steel keys with alloy lever
  • Only 96 grams
Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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