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Drop Eye Wash Wound Irrigation Solution Bottle - 500Ml

Product Specs
  • Strictly Sodium Chloride
  • DROP Eyewash is made up strictly of Sodium Chloride 0.9% sterile solution which is safe and cleansing for eyes and wounds
  • Built-in eye bath
    DROP Eyewash has a built-in eye bath in the top of the bottle for an all in one eye cleansing operation
  • Secure Twist top opening
    DROP Eyewash refills have a secure twist-top opening that keeps the saline sterile and secure but makes it easily available when necessary.
  • NEW Buffered Eyewash Solution
    Sterile eyewash bottle with BioPhos®74, a special buffered solution for chemical burns of eye and skin. Ready to Use, with ergonomic eye cup, dust cap and 2-minute rinse time. Ultra-gentle physiological ingredients with no preservatives. Easy application and handling for portable or stationary use.


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