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Jude Mayall The Outback Chef Cookbook


Jude Mayall The Outback Chef Cookbook

The Australian landscape has a rich and diverse range of native food that most people from a non-indigenous background have never tasted. Many love the idea of using bushfood in their cooking but simply don?t know what to do with it.

This book is about utilizing simple home style recipes that incorporate native food, making the most of the unique flavours of Australian herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and berries. Australian home cooks are a passionate lot and we should be encouraged by the recent move to start embracing native food, using ingredients such as lemon myrtle, bush tomato and mountain pepper in recipes.

Today both science and traditional knowledge work together to show how to gather, prepare and eat foods which have now been proven to be outstandingly healthy. The recipes in this book are easy to follow, quick to prepare and taste great, opening the door to experimenting more with native ingredients.

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