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Logikal Disposable Resuscitation Mask

*Sold as a single

The Logikal Disposable Resuscitation Mask, also known as LRM2, is engineered to maintain a barrier between the rescuer and the patient's bodily fluids during CPR procedures. As a disposable device, it is intended for single use, ensuring hygienic handling and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The mask comes encased in a white Logikal poly bag, providing convenient storage and accessibility when needed for emergency situations. With its practical design and focus on infection control, the Logikal Disposable Resuscitation Mask is an essential component of any first aid kit or emergency response protocol.

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  • Designed to keep patient's bodily fluids away from the rescuer
  • Disposable and intended for single use only
  • Includes CPR Face Shield inside a white Logikal poly bag


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