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Mediroyal Srx Ankle Support


This ankle support is made from 3 mm SRX material with Neptune™ lining on the inside. The material provides good support and compression in combination with local heat insulation. An elastic strap is attached under the foot which can be used to provide additional support and compression over the ankle joint. The ankle support can be used for local heat insulation, light support, and compression over the ankle joint after mild sprains.


Size XS S M L XL
CM 19–20 20–21 21–23 23–25 25–27
Shoe Size (EU) 35–37 38–40 40–42 42–44 44–46

*The circumference measurement is taken around the ankle joint, over the Malleolus. Shoe size can also be used as reference. If the measurements do not match up, we recommend using the circumference measurement.

SRX Range

The SRX line has been designed to support people in activity. The new innovative SRX material has a 3-dimensional top surface textile that provides both elasticity and compression. The core is made from CR-foam that contains closed micro air-cells, to provide a lightweight material with good heat insulation and no moisture absorption.

Our Neptune™ material, which is hydro-dynamic, comfortable and quick-drying, has been laminated on the inside. The new materials, in combination with a functional design, and our Scandinavian heritage that values an active lifestyle, are all essential parts of our SRX line. 

Support during Activity, taking you further.

About Mediroyal

Mediroyal started its operations in 1999 and works to keep people injury free. We offer a wide range of products for rehab and patient safety.

  • 3 mm SRX material with Neptune™ 
  • Good support and compression in combination with local heat insulation
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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