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OUTBOUND Plastic Grommets

8 Plastic grommets for adding reinforced holes and tie off points to plastic or cloth tarps.

Instructions for plasic sheets
  • Fold plastic for double thickness. 
  • Place one half of the grommet on either side of the sheet. 
  • Use rubber washer provided.  
  • Press tightly, tap with hammer.  
  • Grommet is now mounted, cutting its own hole in the plastic

Instructions for canvas
  • fold over a lightweight canvas to give double thickness.
  • on heavy canvas do not use double thickness.
  • carefully pre-cut hole the size of the male portion of grommet.
  • press male portion of grommet firmly onto canvas to make impression as guide for cutting.
  • do not use rubber washer with canvas
  • place each half on either side of the hole you cut.
  • press tightly - tap with hammer 
  • grommer is now mounted.
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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