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OUTBOUND Stainless Steel GI Mess Kit

This item is a reproduction of the M-1932 Meat Can that was the style that was in use during World War II.  Consisting of a pan with a hinged handle plus a lid that fits over the pan and is held together as one unit when the pan handle is folded over. A ring attached to the edge of lid, off center, can be slipped over the pan handle so the two can be dipped in boiling water together. The M-1942 Meat Can body was the same design as the M-1932, but made of stainless steel. The M-1942 handle was thicker and wider, made of the same material as the body, and attached by a stamped part, not the cast hinge. The M-1942 style remained in use long after World War II, through the Vietnam War.

Supplied to the Australian Army as
NSN: 7350-66-157-0304
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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