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U.S. ARMY The Razorbacks Patch

On 15 JUN 1964, for the first time, a new type of Army unit took to the skies around Saigon in the Republic of Vietnam; flying beefed up Bell helicopters, and carrying large quantities of air to ground artillery.  Their very existence was born out of the need to protect the Saigon Area of Operations from Communist threat. That need quickly expanded and the unit flew missions in all four Corps areas and beyond.  Soon other helicopter companies began flying Huey gunships, too.

Lieutenant Max “Red” Hall, gave the small unit their name and although was not the original platoon leader, is considered the “Father of the Razorbacks”.  He, being Arkansas alumnus, asked for, and was granted, permission to use the University’s mascot as an emblem.  Soon bright red Arkansas hogs appeared on the helicopter’s doors and the flight became known officially as the Razorbacks Armed Helicopters.  Intense aerial combat and night flying soon became thier occupational specialties and because of those new found skills the platoon flew onto the pages of history.

The Razorbacks went into action so quickly after being formed that there were not yet enough enlisted crew members to service the platoons helicopters.  Secretly, men from the 25th Infantry were selected to get the unit started.  They wore tape over their uniform insignia so no one would know from what unit they came.  These men are true “unsung heroes”!

Thier motto is "Death is our Business and Business is Good"

Woven cloth patch 87 x 91mm
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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