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Morgan Semi Contact Sparring Boots



Morgan Semi-contact sparring boots are specifically designed for martial artists to practice their sparring techniques in the ring. Made from supreme quality synthetic carbon material, it maximizes speed, support and quick footwork that guarantees augmented performance in the dojo. Flexible and supportive material enhances techniques with proper grip and effortless motions. The ankle strap allows a shoe-like fit offering power, safety, superior traction and ankle support. A harder and stronger outer surface provides unmatched support during your sparring sessions. The anti-slip design allows a firm grip. Its rigid design provides a firm stance and a strong base and optimal flexibility. Two high-quality extra wide elasticated strap holds the foot in its place. Single–layer open mesh lets air circulation in the feet. Hook and loop straps make the putting-on process much easier and less time-consuming than boots with laces. Suitable for both training & combat sports. Its anti-slip, durable and ergonomic design provides perfect support to athletes during training and professional competition.

  • Ideal for all martial arts and contact sports
  • Protech pre-formed injection inner foam complex
  • Thick padding for optimal performance and protection
  • Elastic wrap-around strap for a tight secure fit
  • Toe elastic to keep your feet in place
  • Ideal foot sparring boots for any semi-contact sport
  • Boots are cut and designed to provide ankle protection
  • Ideal for any semi-contact martial arts (ISKA tournaments, ITF, WAKO)
Leaves warehouse in 1-3 business days

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