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Baxter Blue Laptop Stand Foldable Multi Angle



Elevate your workspace, anywhere you go! Easily compacted and portable, our premium Laptop stand has adjustable levels of height, allowing you to be able to set up and ergonomic, healthy, and comfortable workspace, anywhere you choose!

Using your laptop holder to have your screen raised to eye level significantly reduces the level of strain on your neck and shoulders, compared to tilting your head down to view your screen. This allows you to be able to maintain a healthy posture and comfortable position, which significantly contributes to heightened productivity. Use your laptop stand in combination with a wireless keyboard for full benefits.

Directions for Use

Our portable Laptop Stand comes in a branded outer box with a soft, re-useable carry pouch. The laptop holder is made from aluminium, is incredibly lightweight and is easy to transport into any work bag. It has 7 levels of height and rubber grip on the feet for stability. Product measures at 28 x 4.5 x 1cm when closed, opens up to 28cm wide with a maximum standing height of 13cm.
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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