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Bird Flu Virus: Your Personal Survival Guide By Dr Sandra Cabot



Although the direct threats and panic from the H5N1 Bird Flu virus were some years ago, the basic principles Dr Cabot spells out in this book will build your immune system and protect you against viral infections. The information in this book is a guide to surviving future threats of viral pandemics.

Learn about:

  • Superfoods and recipes to strengthen your immune system.
  • Powerful antiviral herbs and foods.
  • The essential nutrients to fight the flu virus.
  • The pros and cons of antiviral drugs and flu vaccines.
  • Things you must have at home to survive a pandemic.

This book is vital information for:
  • Anyone with a weakened immune system.
  • Anyone with chronic infections.
  • Every man and woman in the street.

This book contains:
  • Effective help for fighting ALL VIRUSES.
  • a summary of the survival plan for quick easy reference.
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