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Bonvit Organic Rooibos African Tea X 40 Filter Bags



Bonvit Rooibos African Tea is graded Superior Short Cut and is 100% Organic. A cup of Rooibos tea is completely pure and natural, contains no additives, preservatives or colourants and is naturally free of caffeine. Its flavour is more robust than most herbal teas, but less acidic than black tea, with mildly sweet fruity notes.

Enjoy a healthy, delicious cup of Bonvit Rooibos African Tea anytime, day or night.

  • Vegan Australia Certified



Directions for Use

Place filter bag in a cup, or one bag per cup into a teapot.
Pour in boiling water and keep it warm.
Infuse for at least 2-3 minutes. If Rooibos is steeped for 5-10 minutes its antioxidant activity increases significantly.
Add milk, honey, lemon or sugar to your preferred taste. Use soy or almond milk for a dairy free alternative. Or try a refreshing cup of Rooibos with just honey and lemon.
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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