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Embracing The Gift Of High Sensitivity (A Guide To Living Joyfully) By Mark Wells



HSPs comprise about a fifth of the human population. There is the same number of males as females although it may be less observable in the behaviour of many males because of upbringing and the influence of cultural stereotypes.

One of the greatest pains for anyone in this world is to feel thwarted in their ability to contribute and communicate.
Author Mark Wells is himself a HSP and as a practitioner has worked with thousands of HSPs over 35 years. He provides a powerful and convincing 'voice' for HSPs that encourages the less sensitive majority to take notice, understand and appreciate the valuable contribution someone with high sensitivity makes to the world.

Wells says: "I gain great satisfaction from assisting other HSPs ? adults and children ? to live healthy, contented and productive lives, which make room for their sensitivity and respect their depth of feeling and perception."
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