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Essential Therapeutics Disper (Essential Oil Emulsifier)



Disper is the natural emulsifier for essential oils. It consists of special soy lecithin fractions (food grade and non-GMO) added to pure neutral cane spirits (pure ethanol from cane sugar, charcoal filtered). In France, the major use for Disper has been to create essential oil preparations for ingestion.

Disper is useful to create liquid preparations of any variety ? for sprays, gargles, bath preparations, douches and so on ? and is perfectly compatible with the skin and mucous membranes.

When should you use Disper or Essential Solubiliser?
It is partly a matter of personal preference. Disper is most suited for application to mucous membranes (preparations for eye and throat complaints can be made with Disper, for example). It is a totally natural emulsifier made from soy lecithin that specifically works with essential oils. It makes a cloudy emulsion that can be of use in any type of application.

Essential Solubiliser is a naturally-derived emulsifier that is quite benign & non-toxic and is used in numerous products with a natural stance. Essential Solubiliser works both with vegetable oils and essential oils. Using just essential oils, you can create a totally clear solution. Essential Solubiliser stands out more for its use in creating bath treatments, spray preparations and the like - but it is not recommended for use in the eyes nor for ingestion.

Directions for Use

To use, mix 10 drops (or parts) of Disper to each drop (or part) of essential oil used. Always mix essential oil and Disper together first, before adding to water. When added to water, a milky emulsion forms that remains stable over time.

Sample formula- Hydrating Mist Spray- for 100mL
Dry Skin Synergy- 16 drops (0.5mL)
Disper- 160 drops (5mL)
Glycerine- 3mL
Aloe 10x concentrate- 10mL
Spring water- 82 mL
Citricidal (preservative)- 10 drops (0.3mL)
Directions: Mix Dry Skin Synergy oil blend into Disper. Mix all other ingredients together, add Disper mixture and blend well. Pour into a cobalt blue 100mL spray bottle.
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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