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Essential Therapeutics Laponite (Mineral Gelling Agent)



Laponite is a unique clay-based gelling agent. It is a mixture of natural earth oxides that have been milled to a fine particle size. Laponite Powder is for those who want to create preparations from scratch. By using 3% to 4% of the powder, you will create a thick stable gel. You can choose other ingredients besides water to further customise your own preparation ? this could be Aromatic Hydrosols, herbal extracts and so on. However, some liquids, such as Aloe juice and some herbal extracts contain compounds that prevent Laponite from gelling properly. When in doubt, always start with a small experimental batch.

Directions for Use

Sample formula- Peppermint Foot Gel- for 500mL
A soothing, cooling preparation for tired feet and legs.

Laponite Powder- 15 grams
Spring water- 275mL
Vegetable glycerine- 10mL
Vodka (alcohol as the preservative)- 200mL
Peppermint oil- 5mL

Directions: Mix the water, vodka and glycerine together. Heat gently to 35°C. While blending, slowly add the Laponite Powder and keep blending until the powder is fully dispersed. Once the mixture has begun to thicken significantly, blend in the Peppermint essential oil.
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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