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Oval 8 Finger Splints


The Oval-8 Finger Splints are a comfortable and affordable way to stabilise and align the small joints of the fingers to assist with the healing and improvement of hand function.

They are commonly used for conditions such as arthritis, swan neck deformity, trigger finger etc.

Available in a wide range of sizes (3 to 15).

Oval-8 Finger Splints - One Splint Treats a Variety of Finger Conditions:

Mallet Finger
Holds the DIPJ in extension or slight hyperextension
Adjust with heat if slight hyperextension is desired

Trigger Finger
Blocks finger triggering by limited MP or IPJ flexion
Ideal as a conservative treatment or following injection

Trigger Thumb
Blocks thumb triggering at the DIPJ or MPJ
Ideal as a conservative treatment or following injection

Swan Neck (Hyperextension) Deformity
Stops PIPJ hyperextension
Improves DIPJ control

Boutonniere Deformity
Holds the PIPJ in neutral extension
Ideal as a "retainer" after dynamic splinting to solidify gains in ROM

Lateral Deviated Fingers
Reduces DIPJ and PIPJ deviation caused by injury or the buildup of arthritic nodules
Pressure can be applied ulnarly or radially to reduce deviation

Holds minor non-displaced fractures stable using two splints
Interlock a larger-sized splint with a smaller-sized splint to immobilize a joint

Hyperextension Conditions - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
Stabilizes any IP joint to restore balance and improve function
Mulitple splints can be worn on one hand

Hypertonicity and Mild Spasticity
Improves functional pinch and grip in persons with tone control problems
Blocks thumb IP flexion or hyperextension to facilitate pinch
Controls end range flexion of the digits for improved grasp patterns
Restores balance to overcome intrinsic minus posturing



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