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Pow.R Fabric Long Loop Band


We created these fabric stretch loops bands off the back of our massively popular fabric mini and wide loops. Designed to be an alternative to traditional latex bands, these bands are smaller and easier on the skin than a latex version.

Fabric Loop Bands are great for strength, coordination and balance training. The resistance band is also highly versatile for rehab, prehab and activation exercises. Made from super durable mix of woven fabric and rubber.

30mm wide 1040mm long

Resistance Colour Guide
Yellow – Light Resistance
Red – Medium Resistance
Green – Strong Resistance
Blue – Extra Strong Resistance
Black – Special Strong Resistance

POW.R isn’t some half-baked garage brand; we’ve evolved from decades of experience in fitness equipment and supplies. In consultation with Australia’s best physios, coaches & organisations, we’ve created a range of products that’s heavy on features and light on bullsh*t.

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  • Made from super durable fabric as a more comfortable alternative to latex
  • Washable
  • Great for strength, coordination and balance training
  • 30mm x 1040mm


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