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POW.R - Thoracic Wedge


Thoracic Wedge self mobilisation device for mid-back stiffness.

Benefits of the Thoracic WEDGE

  • Keeps your mid back mobile
  • Used in conjunction with core stability program for a healthy back
  • Ideal for everyday stiffness caused by gardening, computer work and sedentary lifestyles
  • Excellent tool for athletes

Sport & The Mid Back

One of the major problems as a sportsperson in the modern world is maintaining health and fitness while undergoing intense training regimes. Even minor injuries can prevent training and affect the long-term goals laid out for the season ahead. We know the body is complex but the underlying causes of many of these muscle, tendon, nerve, joint or even disc problems may lie in a simple postural dysfunction. We need to address the stress/strain relationship within the body to avoid many of these problems arising. The most essential of these, through its effect on various other regions, is the midback or thoracic spine, both in terms of injury prevention and recovery. By keeping your mid-back mobile, along with an appropriate strengthening programme (Pilates, Swiss ball workouts, core stability exercises to name a few options) you can significantly decrease the load on your lower back, neck and shoulder regions. If you take this a step further into the sporting arena then the importance of good thoracic mobility increases the chances of success in the sporting environment twofold, Firstly by lowering the risk of injury therefore keeping you in action and secondly with improved thoracic function you can increase your general spinal strength and so obtain maximum efficiency from your body.

Treat Mid Back Stiffness

As we are all aware, joints and muscles are designed to move in order to stay healthy, but unfortunately with an increased sedentary lifestyle this is just not the case in the modern world. Think about your normal day, you will invariable be sitting while you have your breakfast, sit on the train to work, sit at your desk for a majority of the day and then when you go home you may well find yourself sitting while you have dinner, watch television or work on the computer. The thoracic spine is already understood to become less compliant and mobile with age, on top of this we also have these other loading issues. This is not conducive to a normal, mobile, healthy strong back.

The Thoracic Wedge is a uniquely shaped device designed to improve the flexibility of the mid back by using self mobilisation techniques. The wedge is made from a semi-firm EVA material with a density that provides the right amount of cushioning and firmness. It is designed to lie flat on the ground with the ridges facing upwards. The user places the wedge on the floor and lies on the wedge so that the ridges are set into various positions on their back. The special ridges on the wedge help to provide a release of soreness and immobility in the joints. These exercises are performed with care and limited physical activity. 


The Thoracic Wedge should only be used by people with a healthy back. Any person carrying a back injury, muscle tear or strain, or any person who is sick from any type of disease should not use the Thoracic Wedge without prior consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. The exercises recommended on this insert can be progressed further by speaking to your health professional. The Thoracic Wedge should be used under the recommendation of a health professional (e.g. Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Doctor, Osteopath, Personal Trainer etc)

  • Keeps your mid back mobile
  • Improves the flexibility of the mid back
  • Self mobilisation techniques
Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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