How this "Presale" works?

At FIND a PRESALE is an offer to purchase exclusive FIND imported products as close to the factory cost price as possible. It is a unique opportunity to invest in extremely low priced high quality equipment while the goods are completing production and nearing the FIND Sports warehouse.

If you have any questions please email or visit us at 28 South Link, Dandenong South to see products on display.

Can I change my mind? Can I have my money back? Can I return the item if I am not satisfied?

You can have a refund in full if you have a change of mind and do not want to redeem the offer once paid. The refund will be made 7 days after the product availability date listed in this advertisement. If stock is picked up or received the goods can be returned under the normal returns policy and a full refund made as long as the items are not used.