Surfboard & Bodyboard Warranty

All surfboards sold by Find Sports come with a warranty to be free from any manufacturing defects or faults. Surfboards are NOT warranted against breakage. This warranty is not transferable. Goods under warranty cover will be replaced or repaired by the manufacturer. No refund can be provided under any circumstances. Warranty only covers the item(s) sold by Find Sports. A large percentage of returned goods are found to be, not faulty. If the returned goods are determined by Find Sports to not be faulty, then all returning shipping fees will be worn by the customer. We will seek the permission from the customer to charge this cost to the customer’s credit card where possible. Failing this, the goods will be sent back by Australia Post COD freight collected. Find Sports also reserves the right to charge the labour cost for examining these goods where no fault was found. All warranties are voided if returned product is found in any way to be mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged. Please attach a copy of the original invoice or provide the original invoice number. A detailed fault description sheet must be sent together with all the returning warranty goods. Customer is responsible for any shipping and insurance cost involved in sending the warranty claim goods back to Find Sports. Find Sports is not responsible for any parcel missing in transit, on its return back to Find Sports.

A warranty claim is immediately voided if a product is found in any way to have been mishandled, mis-installed, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged. It also may include items that have suffered heat or sun damage. Further examples may include the following:

Fibreglass surfboards (epoxy or polyester)

  • Breakage
  • Physical dents caused by body parts
  • Knee dings
  • Foot compressions
  • Rock impact
  • Sand impact
  • Physical leverage
  • Foreign object contacts
  • Broken fins
  • Broken stringers
  • Rail dents
  • Buckles
  • Nose snaps
  • Foam compression
  • Glass chipping
  • Yellowing
  • Delamination

Please note surfboard are highly fragile products and need to be treated with absolute care, however surf conditions are unpredictable and surfboards are prone to being damaged or broken which is a part of the risk one takes when purchasing the product and participating in the sport. For these reasons surfboard repairers are kept busy and are in high demand.

What we do cover in the warranty is faulty workman ship or missing/incomplete parts or faulty lamination prior to use. Laminates can be easily damaged after use due to many of the reasons listed above.

Soft Surfboards and body boards

  • Heat and sun damage
  • Bubbling
  • Compression/dents
  • Rock Impact
  • Fins breaking
  • Breakage including snapping stringers 
  • Discoloration
  • Waterlogging



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