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Golfers Score Card Holder


Golfer’s Score Card Holder

There’s nothing quite as good as winning. Similarly, there’s nothing quite as bad as having your proof turn into papier-mâché. Protect your bragging rights with Golfer’s Score Card Holder !

The Australian oilskin will do the work for you: it’s water repellent and durable. The holder is designed to fit various sizes of score cards.

It has two pen loops on the back and a sturdy metal clip so you can attach it to your belt, golf bag, or buggy, to keep it secure.


  • The Waterproof Australian oilskin will protect your score card from wind and rain.
  • Designed to fit score cards of different sizes.
  • Twin pen loops on back to secure your pen.
  • Sturdy metal clip allows you to fasten your score card to your belt, golf bag, or buggy.

You may be interested to check out Golfer’s Large Drink Bottle Cooler. This combination of 100% Australian wool and oilskin will keep your water cool for up to six hours. To make things easier, its clip can be attached to a golf bag, cart, your belt, or your caddy. Easy peasy!

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