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Land & Sea Sports Chamois Towel Jumbo


Land & Sea Sports Chamois Towel Jumbo

Super Absorbent high quality synthetic sport chamois towel * Great for Everyone from sports persons to travellers * Compact and easy to carry case allows convenient storage and great protection for your towel * Two Great Sizes: Regular - 43cm x 32cm Jumbo - 66cm x 43cm * Dirt and stains are easily removed * Handy & Versatile, other uses include: car washing, cleaning glass, cleaning furniture CARE INSTRUCTIONS * Clean sports chamois in warm water with mild detergent * Keep sports chamois moist in container for maximised product life * If your sports chamois dries up simply soak in water to revitalise

The Perfect Towel - Super Soft & Super Absorbent
Compact - Great for Travelling
Jumbo Size: 66cm x 43cm
Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Leaves warehouse in 5-7 business days

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